Help your customers with automated orders 

spreekit is your platform to automate recurring purchases. Sign up to enable your customers to order automatically and give them access to your personal order assistant.


The selling platform that enables automation

spreekit helps wholesalers to make sense of their data to generate automatic orders. We analyse order histories, add seasonal data and provide you the tools to automate your sales. Let your customers access their individual order assistant app and generate order suggestions on the go. 


Notifications before

running out of stock

We are creating usage plans based on order histories and seasonal data. With this data we will send out notifications before your customers are running out of stock.

Constant revenue with

spreefilled orders

We create order suggestions based on past orders. Our order suggestions help your customers to remember all the products they need, whenever they need it.

Personal order assistant 

app for your customers

Once set up, your customers can organise their own shopping lists, track inventory and set up products to be purchased regularly.


Engage with customers from anywhere

Help your customers with orders and create bundles and promotions. With our supplier app, you can send your customers individual bundles and promotions in seconds. 

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